Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Make a felted rose!

Today's tutorial is how to make a felted rose, generously shared with us by Lisa of Lydia's Treasures blog.
For the full tutorial go here!

I decided to make the pink one above, before posting this, and I love this tutorial! I used a pink felted cashmere I had, so it is a little fuzzy. For a more defined look, like Lisa's yellow one on her blog, you can use a felted wool or craft felt. I had never made one before, yet I was able to make this in under 5 minutes! They can be sewn to other projects or made into pins or hairclips. Great tutorial, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!


Bonnie A. said...

So cute! I've been wondering if you have any tips for keeping the edges of cut felt from fraying without using thread. Is there some kind of liquid sealant that could be waterproof and frayproof?

Resweater said...

A well felted sweater shouldn't fray at the ends. Merino would be a good one for this. As for a sealant, I am not sure... maybe someone can offer a suggestion.