Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Tutorial Tuesday - Super easy hair clips & pins!

I make lots of these, because they are quick, easy, & look great on hats, etc. This is a great project for beginning sewers & children!

This is a great way to use up your felted scraps too! Ready for the tutorial? You will need felted wool (the more felted, the better), buttons, needle & thread, and some pinking shears. If you are making a pin or hair clip, you will need those as well.

Take your pinking shears & cut 2 circles, one slightly bigger than the other, in contrasting colors.

Place the smaller circle on top of the bigger one, then the button on top of that.

sew them together, just like you sew a button on a shirt.

Now just sew it onto what ever you want (directly on a hat, on a hair clip, on a pin, etc.). I made a hair clip this time. You can buy packages of these clips at craft stores, with the holes in them for sewing.

Wasn't that easy? :)


teekaroo said...

If only I had pinking shears... I'm sure my mom can spare hers. I think I can actually do this!

Irēna said...

looks nice!

Resweater said...

Teekaroo, Do you have scrapbooking scissors? I have seen cheap ones for $1 in most craft stores.

Irena, thanks!

Janda said...

Love your flower garden photo with all the colors of sweaters represented! A great, easy tutorial.
Thanks for posting it.