Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday!

I love cardigans & hoodies, so when I saw this cashmere hoodie in my size, I grabbed it out of the pile of sweaters that had just come in. I looked it over & found the zipper separating at the seams a little. This made me giggle, because it was probably the reason that the hoodie ended up at the thrift store... silly non-sewing people!

After 30 seconds at the sewing machine, it was like new again. While I was there, I grabbed one of my owls that I made for the owl skirts, and sewed it to the chest.

I then took a fun multi-colored seam and pinned it to the existing hoodie drawstring, and pulled it through. I think that made it a lot more fun, don't you!

I love my new hoodie :) !

What have you been working on? Add anything fun to your online shops? Feel free to post your finished recycled wool (or cashmere!) projects on my Facebook page!


TracyKM said...

I love what you did for the drawstring! That's awesome! I would be dumb and take out the old string first, then try to feed the new one through, LOL. Thanks for the idea!

Resweater said...

I kinda did both, lol. The pin came undone halfway through, and I had to feed the rest through, but it only took a minute.

CageyCottage said...

I think you're right. I think that lovely sweater wound up at the thrift because some Muggle didn't know how to fix one lousy seam! Lucky you!

Bethany said...

Love the new drawstring and what a great find!!!

Valerie said...

I love how you revamped a perfect sweater. Great job!
x, Val

khushifairy said...

nice sweater, but don't you think you should have used a single color lace? like pink only.
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Resweater said...

Thanks, everyone!

khushifairy, that's the beauty of redoing anything... it is up to the tastes of the redoer :)! I have many solid colored seams I could have used, but I liked the multicolored one.