Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cute & easy flowers


This could fall under both "Tutorial Tuesday" & "What I've Been Working on Wednesday", but since it's already Thursday, this might be best without a category ;).

I found this tutorial on a blog I stumbled across, Drab To Fab. The original tutorial uses fabric and hot glue, but I used lightly felted cashmere and felted wool, and hand stitched it in place as I went. The first one I made was this cashmere brooch for my mom:

I then made this wool one into a hair clip. I liked this one better without anything in the center. These were really easy and fast to make.

Here are the cloth ones from Drab To Fab's blog:

Cute, eh?


Unknown said...

Very cute! I have been making them out of fabric but not wool. Great idea!

Bon said...

So very cute! thanks for linking us!
Bon @Drab to fab