Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday!

I made this wool Christmas tree this week.

Just a decoration, right?

Well... actually it's a hat!

It looks better in real life, but the lighting was bad. I even made the hat band brown (can't really tell from the picture) for the tree trunk. I need to make some mini ornaments for it. I will be wearing it to my son's class party on Friday. I am SO glad he's not of the age where he is embarrassed by mom yet! ;)


Irēna said...

nice job!!

Resweater said...

Thanks! :)

Connie said...

Haven't visited the site in a while, but LOVE this idea - and especially the scrap wool garland!! I plan on *stealing* that idea for my son's mini tree for his bedroom. And maybe next year make a wool tree to drape over a cardboard cone or something! Thanks for posting this :)

Dena and Adrianna said...

Love, love, ADORE the garland! :)

NeedlesAndKims said...

Love it! Practical AND fun. I bet you'll be a big hit at the party. Merry Christmas!