Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bears, bears, everywheres!

Lol, when I go to ShopMoeMoe's Shop I keep hearing lines from one of my son's books (a vintage 1940's children's book, Bears)... " Bears, bears, bears, bears, bears. On the Stairs. Under chairs. Washing hairs. Giving Stares"... you get the picture ;) I love these cute little guys! From classic teddy to funky little scrappy bears, they are all adorable!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi kris!
what a wonderful post! your sweaters are the inspiration for her art. Your sweaters were the best xmas present I got for her! Your shop and service is amazing!
:) melissa

Resweater said...

Wow Melissa, thanks! *blushing*

Melanie, Moe, Ollie said...

hi Kris,

thank you for featuring me on your blog! What a cool thing and nice surprise. I am just completing 4 new bears from the lot of sweaters Melissa got for me from your store for xmas. I'll have them in the shop this week. I am having so much fun felting and making the bears :) Can't wait to need more recycled sweaters from you soon.


Resweater said...

Hi Melanie,
Let me know when you have them up. I'd love to see them, and I can add pics of them to this posting too.
Kris :)

Jilly said...

These bears are great! I always thought old sweaters would be perfect for new teddies -so many possibilities for textures and colours. But I think they would be too fiddly for my clumsey fingers to make so I'll stick to hats. I'm really excited to have found a community that loves recycling old sweaters to with lots of brilliant ideas!