Monday, January 19, 2009

Felted sweater purses & more! The Sassy Crafter

I love The Sassy Crafter's stuff! You can find her shop on Etsy here, and her cool blog here. I love that she does not just recycle & reuse sweaters, but just about everything! I am posting a picture of the awesome purse she's got on her shop to be true to my wool blog, but I can't help post her Java (not lava) lamp that she already sold. I am an avid fan of reusing & repurposing, so this lamp appeals to me on SO many levels. Please say you'll make more of them, Sassy!

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Kim Taylor Kruse said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog! I do have a few percolators sitting around -- now I just need to find the time to turn them into java lamps.

I'll definitely be visiting your blog in the future!