Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweater Sunday!

Some have their football on Sundays, but I have my sweaters! Since I found out that my favorite thrift store has a sale every Sunday, it has become my a-sweaterin' day :) Today was a good one. I spent my usual 4 hours there.... yes, 4 hours. It takes me that long to go through all the aisles. I love it, and today I got some great sweaters. Heck, I get great sweaters every time I go! Here's the haul. It doesn't look like much, but there's at least 50 sweaters in that pile.

A trip is not complete without scoring some cashmere! I got 5 today. The striped one is the first cashmere i've ever seen with stripes, or multiple colors of any kind, so that was a great find. The red one is very thick for a cashmere & has textured squares on it. The other 3 are just great colors, so my cashmere finds were fabulous today :)

I got some fun patterns & stripes too. These 2 were among my favorites.

And now my favorite find.... Drum roll please... a beautiful 100% baby alpaca argyle! It is so soft, so unique (i've never seen a 100% baby alpaca sweater before), and I always love a good argyle, especially in earthy colors like this.


Victoria Velting said...

This is the sweater I dreamed about, how can I buy it?

Resweater said...

Lol! Are you talking about the baby alpaca? I'll be listing it in my Artfire shop tonight. Did you know that if you make them into diaper covers, they don't even need to be lanolized? I thought that was SO cool! I found alpaca info here: