Friday, December 11, 2009

Recycled wool & cashmere neck cowl

So I was in Walgreens yesterday, and an older lady chided me for not having a scarf on "that boy" (my son). Never mind that we were parked 10 feet from the door, he was wearing a down parka with a high collar & hood, mittens, boots, and a warm hat. I was clearly neglecting my child ;) It did however get me thinking that he didn't own a scarf. I hate scarfs for kids... don't get me wrong, they are adorable, but they are just not practical for little kids. Once they are bundled up there is no way they can wrap it around their necks & tie it in place properly. Even if you put it on them for them, if they are running around in the snow, it will eventually fall off. I decided a neck cowl was the way to go. I had some scraps left from a fabulous orange lambswool sweater I had used to make my son some longies & a hat with, so I patched pieces together, switching the direction of the ribbing as I went along. For the inside I used a tan moth eaten cashmere sweater I had. It's great! Here's a picture of me with it on (a little tight, because this is made for a 4 year old), since my son was napping when I took the pics.

When he got up I tried it on him & it was perfect. It is SO warm and cozy that I want to make another one for myself!

Eta: I made myself one! It goes great with my favorite hat from Fox Island Fancyworks and will be perfect for tomorrow, when my family goes to a tree farm to cut down a tree!


HMaas said...

I love it!!! I was hoping to make something similar for my son - his school does not recommend scarves because they can get caught in the playground equipment or kids can pull on them - so this is the perfect solution!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi kris!
oh my gosh it is perfect! i love it! the color orange and cashmere are my two favorite things!

it is like a creamsicle that will warm him up. ha! perfecto! what a lucky boy!


Unknown said...

great idea! I just made one out of fleece for my little guy, but I'm headed to my studio to make myself something snazzy! I bet the double layer is superwarm.
love the self-portraits!

daphne16 said...

that is a great idea. I may need to make one for the kids and my mom.

NeedlesAndKims said...

What a fantastic idea--I think they're great!