Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool recycled accent lighting

I featured Sassy Crafter's fantastic recycled wool purses last year on my blog. Not only does she make really cool recycled wool purses, but she makes the coolest recycled art using percolators, eggbeaters, & more. Her java not lava lamp, on her blog, really stuck in my head, so I picked up an old percolator during my sweatering, and had my husband drill the holes for me. It got hot fast with regular lights, so I used LED Christmas lights, and it's cool now... literally. Last Sunday I picked up a stainless steel colander, so I have a pair of cool recycled "lamps" now. The really cool thing about them, is that if they are near a wall, they project little dots of light all over it! The pictures don't do them justice. I have since stuck a couple of the bulbs in the clear glass top of the percolator, and it looks even better.

ETD: I talked to Sassy Crafter, and she said she will be adding some more of her percolator lamps soon, so you can get one of your own! She also said she'll be adding a new kitchen themed lamp as well. I can't wait to see what it is!


Kim Taylor Kruse said...

I'm glad you liked my Java Lamp. And I like that you thought to use a colander -- very clever!

softearthart said...

How cool, and bright, cheers Marie