Saturday, January 2, 2010

New shipping rates- USPS higher, Resweater lower!

As of January 4th USPS shipping rates will be going up, but some of Resweater's shipping rates will be going down! Huh? As of right now, I have been charging shipping individually based on the weight of each sweater up to $10, and shipping is free after that. The nearby states are so much less expensive to ship to, so I am now going to offer a new shipping max of $6 to the following states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. All other states will remain a $10 shipping max. Enjoy!

Since there is no way to set up my max shipping discount through my Artfire shop, you have 2 options. The easiest option is to pay the whole amount, & I will refund the difference right away. The second option is, after you check out through Artfire, contact me with your Paypal address & I will send you a Paypal invoice for the correct amount.

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