Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Turn Up Green

Christmas is definitely over, so now it's time to buy yourself lots of goodies to make up for the Snuggies & Chia Pets that were left under your tree. If I were you, i'd make Etsy shop Turn Up Green one of your stops! With most pieces combining recycled wool & needle felting, you are sure to find a one of a kind treasure there.


Cyndy Mikesell said...

HI i love this blog !! I love the sweater that is white or cream with the black diamonds. I am also interested in some of the blue sweaters. Let me know the cost? I love the pink ones I got from you last week. Thanks Cyndy

softearthart said...

How sweet this wee bird is, ready to fly. cheers Marie

SarahBeth said...

I have a special love for birds and these are the cutest!