Friday, January 29, 2010

Recycled wool socks!!!

I'm so excited about this! I have been wanting to find a great sewn sock pattern for a while now, even posted here hoping someone would know of one. I mentioned it on a Yahoo group I belong to, Art Felt, and Raven came through for me with a few different options. Thanks, Raven! Here are the 3 links:

I chose the first link & they turned out great! The tutorial is for fleece, but you can translate just about any fleece pattern into felted wool, because neither of them require seams... they won't unravel. I personally wanted to make socks, not slipper socks, so I can wear them in shoes, like normal socks, so I chose a merino sweater. Merino is normally very thin & stretchy. If you lightly felt it, it will be perfect for socks. If you are just making them to wear around the house like slippers, any felted wool sweaters will work. I used the ribbing on the sweater waist as the tops of my socks, which turned out perfect for holding them up without being the least bit uncomfortable. Sorry for the linty pictures... I should have remembered to clean the lint off my sewing table before using black material, but at least I remembered to shave my legs before taking the pictures ; ) ! Just an fyi... I am a size 11 wide (big feet!), and used a men's medium sweater to make these, and have enough material left to make another pair. If you were making them for children, or have small feet, you should be able to get many pair out of one sweater. I think i'll mess around later & try making some with ribbing added on from contrasting colored sweaters to make funky socks!

Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for merino (or any sweaters), my shop is a great place to look :) I even currently have a really great price on a dark colored merino lot right now.

ETA: I just got back from dropping off my son at school. It is only 5 degrees out & my feet were warm & toasty in my new socks! I will be making more!


sallymandy said...

These are great. I noticed in one of your earlier posts that you were looking for a sock pattern. Glad you found one that works.

I heart merino wool!!

Marla said...

I can hardly wait to try these! And BTW, LOVE the new banner!!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Your banner ROCKS!!!!

Toni said...

Wonderful Blog!!!! I have added your site to MY blog ( my friends will be Asking where I got those cool cashmere sox!!!
We are SNOWed in down here in Oklahoma, and the dogshow in OkCity was Cancelled this wkend...I'm gonna go Sew! Thanks! Thanks! THANKS!!! Toni Bailey

Resweater said...

Wow, thank you all for the kind words! :)

I went to a b-day party today, and we spent most of it in their unfinished basement, standing in socks on a cement floor. Another mom said "my feet are freezing on this floor!". I just nodded, but I was wearing the cashmere ones I made, and my feet were toasty warm!

Unknown said...

This is great! I can't wait to make some. And some little ones for Fyn! He needs some thick ski socks.
Smartwool, move over!

Barbara said...

Hi! I found your blog accidentaly. So creative!
And about socks - I had this idea a short while ago

Now I see there were tutorials around!! :-))Thank you!

kids tops said...

Children's toys, like Lego blocks and jacks are too large to be stepped on with slipper socks. These items will puncture through the tread and make direct contact with your foot.

Unknown said...
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qwe said...
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qwe said...
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