Monday, March 22, 2010

Not cool

Someone that reads my blog has copied my shop. The shop I have worked so hard to build. The shop that inspired this blog that I have freely given advice, tutorials, and ideas on. It is not the fact that they are selling wool sweaters, but the fact that they blatantly copied everything about my shop... my prices, the wording of things, the way I number my sweaters, the way I take pictures of them, etc. I have worked so hard to build what I have, and they have come along and copied everything I have done without any creativity. It is amazing that one mother could do that to another mother and still sleep at night.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad for you! Hoping your shops bursts with sales and the offender comes to their senses.

Ptoe - you know. said...

OMG! This makes me so mad! I was curious to see this imposter and you are right, everything is the same as your shop. That's so wrong. Stealing ideas is one thing, to literally copy and paste your style is selfish and un-creative. I'm so sorry!

bodicegoddess said...

That's disgusting! Admittedly, I discovered your blog in a fit of "I just learned how to felt; now what?" but I'm here for inspiration and ideas. I'll then take that inspiration and create my own product, but I would never resell or copy you for profit. I for damn sure wouldn't sleep at night.

Resweater said...

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the moral support. It was really sad to discover it.

Bodicegoddess, you are welcome to make & sell anything i've posted on my blog that is my idea or concept (if it was linked from another shop or blog, I would ask them first, though). I don't sell "finished goods" in my shop out of respect to my sweater customers. I only sell them locally at shows.

Resweater said...

Oh, and please don't leave the link or name of her shop. I don't want to give her free advertising on top of it all.

Natalie said...

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in cases like these it just sucks. One of my best friends has built a huge online business and had someone buy her product, take it apart, steal the pattern, and start selling cheap knock-offs on ebay. I'm sorry. Know that you have tons of loyal fans who will stick with you! They could never duplicate your personality or stellar customer service!

TrishB said...

Oh no! That's terrible. I haven't seen it nor will I search for it. I'm happy to have found you. You have a great blog (love the easter basket idea BTW!!) and who else gives such great customer service like you do?? :-) I'm sure will have loyal followers!!

Shinny said...

I hope you can get this straightened out. Not sure if you have any way to go after them for doing this. I know a couple years ago someone stole one of the blogs I used to read, pictures of her kids and all her stories. She shut down everything and I have not seen her back in Blogland since.
And here I was feeling guilty because 1) I never sent you a thanks for the scraps, THANKS!! and 2) I have been collecting wool sweaters with grand plans to actually make stuff with them, which I have yet to find time to do, and was thinking of starting an Etsy shop to sell some off, but didn't want to compete with your super cool shop and blog.
My word verification is: damitert ;)

Dusty said...

That is so "not cool". You are a creative, wonderful, industrious and "true" person. Someone like this will not last long. I hope she will read this and realize the wrong that she has done and at the very least close her shop. You will not lose business over her. Keep on keepin on my friend.
ps-good karma your way...

Anna said...

Pure laziness. that person has already shown that they cannot compete. (just need to add I was in Goodwill and looked for wool sweaters. This is in Fl mind you. they wanted full price for sweaters that had obviously already been felted. I know it was only $4 but really??? The same price as a wearable sweater? Anyhow, I thot' of you.

Unknown said...

how rude!
I hope she doesn't live nearby where she's raiding your stores too! That would be even worse!
maybe you should suggest that she opens a shop on etsy instead! (he,he,he!!!)

florigami said...

I love your blog. I don't post much and I don't buy from you as I'm in Europe but I admire you greatly. You have such creativity, ingenuity and generosity of spirit- none of which characteristics can be applied to the offender I'm sure.
Have a hug.
Flori x

AmyB said...

Wow... Just saw her "shop" and can not believe this! Ridiculous!!
So sorry that this has happened to you with all the hard work you put into your blog and your shop! Luckily, it shows that she has sold nothing, while you have so many sales.
I love your blog and check it daily! You have so many awesome ideas and are just so full of inspiration to everyone! I hope this does not discourage your efforts!
Thanks for all you do. You are very justified in your thoughts of "not cool"! Hope she reads some of these comments and has a conscience...

Lora said...

I thought about asking you if I could "franchise" REsweater. You have built a great brand. I bet there is some kind of legal way to fight this. Especially if someone is using your language word for word...

AmyB said...

Lora is right... Even if you are not interested in doing anything legally, you could even report it to Artfire? I would imagine they would be interested in hearing this? especially with all the business you have given them!

catluff said...

Hi, I'm going to step in here and be on the other side of the fence. One I think anybody has a right to open a shop and sell old wool sweaters.

THis seller has done nothing wrong but bring on competition to you, What are you afraid of? she hasn't had a single sale but all these comments are surely going to arise attention and bring traffic to her shop so she should be thanking you right now for the views.

WHen you featured me Catfluff in December I didnt say anything about the comments that were made

"The wool wine bags are great. Thanks for another wonderful project idea."


"Oooo.your so darn creative ;-) Merry Christmas!"

Both of those comments look like you are the one with the design idea, and that anybody can jsut make them. But I left it what's the point. But you didnt step in and comment Oh I didnt make those another Artist did.

So now you don't like that somebody has copied you?

DOn't take offensive please I think you have a great blog but I really don't think you have anything to fear.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I am having a hard time seeing how she copied you. A white background and folding over the arms of a sweater seem to be a very common way of photographing this type of thing. I have found six or seven shops that do almost exactly the same thing. I photograph my jewelry on a plain gray background and occasionally hang my earrings from a glass. So do hundreds of other jewelry makers. And my price is in the same price range as many others. I am just not seeing any ill intent here. And her descriptions are different than yours too. As far as number your stock, lol the whole darn world does that.

Resweater said...

Catfluff, Like I said in my post, it was not the fact that she is selling sweaters, but that she copied the way I do everything, with nothing original on her part.

I linked to your shop, and never insinuated in any way that I made your things. The one comment I thought was directed at you, and I would have certainly said something had I thought someone thought they were my designs. I'm actually offended that you think that I intentionally would mislead anyone, and that you think I somehow deserve this.

catluff said...

I dont think you intentionally tried to mislead some one but when the reader says thanks for another wonderful project idea.

I didnt know that when I was featured in your blog that my stuff would be looked at as a project idea.

Do I think you deserve this? I dont think anything has actually happened, but that another seller started selling sweaters online is that a crime?

My comments were made to point out that you have no problem when one of your readers takes ideas from other sellers , but you have a problem when one of your readers takes an idea from you.

Resweater said...

Catfluff, It is never my intention that my readers are to take ideas from shops that I feature, nor do I present it like that. In fact, I get reports back constantly from them that they had increased sales after being featured here. That's why I continue to do it. I have given you free advertising, but if you feel you do not want it I can remove it. Would you like me to remove the feature?

Again, the reason I took offense is that they took everything I do & copied it. Yes, other people have & do sell wool sweaters online, but she set out to copy my shop intentionally.

Anonymous said...

While it is not a crime to open a shop and sell wool sweaters, it is a copyright violation if your wording has been used (not sure if this was done as I haven't seen the shop).

Jess said...

Sad! I think your shop is wonderful. I am a sweater junkie & now that I live where it is warm I hardly ever wear them. This is the perfect solution! Thank you!

Tina said...

I still love your blog and shop and plan to purchase my sweaters from you (once I get over my fear of cutting up my awesome sweaters)

Thanks for all your hard work and great ideas :)

Lisa said...

I know this is a little late, but I'm sure if you report this to artfire, they will take care of the situation. Have to tried to contact the other shop owner directly? I've only sold things on ebay and have my pictures copied as well as my wording. I let the seller know and some have taken down the post and other have ignored my requests. For those items I have reported them to ebay and their auctions have been removed. I've never sold on artfire, but I'm sure they have some safeguards in place for this type of behavior.

AgnesEthel said...

I am saddened by the news of a thief. I pray they come to their senses and redo their web site or just get off the web entirely. I pray prosperity and joy be your today and every day. Aggie

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