Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Super easy sachets!

These are ridiculously simple, but make a great gift, and use up scraps! This is a great project for beginning sewers, and a fast project, even for those that hand sew. You can customize these any way you want with shape, embellishment, or scent.

First, cut 2 pieces of your shape. I like to use pinking shears for a nicer looking edge, but it is not crucial if you do not have any. Since a friend asked what they were, they are the scissors that cut a zig-zag edge.

Next, start sewing them together, stopping when you are on the last edge. Drop 2 drops of essential oils (I used lavender. Mmm... lavender) on a few pieces of scraps and stuff them in, then finish your sewing. You're done. Wasn't that easy?


Lisa said...

Cute idea.

Tina said...

I think I might finally give these a try. I just read something about using scented sachets in the dryer to freshen up the laundry. I am going to try making my own laundry detergent as well, so I thought these might be a nice addition to my new laundry regime :)
Thanks again for your awesome ideas!!

joy said...

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Unknown said...

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