Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blends challenge #2!

My last blends challenge was fun, so I thought i'd do another one! Don't dismiss a sweater just because it isn't 100% wool! Though I only sell 70% wools/animal fibers (wool, angora, cashmere) & up for consistency in felting, I will use lower content blends sometimes, for my own personal projects. Let's find out if this batch will felt (or "full"... the correct, but less commonly used term)! [Insert cheesy announcer voice] Ready to meet out contestants?

Contestant #1 - funky patterned hoodie - 60% wools
I really hope this one felts! It has 3 different patterns on it, and would be great for multiple projects!

Contestant #2- scenery patterned - 60% wools

Contestant #3 - cream fair isle - 63% wools

Contestant #4 - yellow cabled - 65% wools

Contestant #5 - pretty green & white stripes - 60% wools

Contestant #6 - lovely lavender - 65% wools

Contestant #7- patterned mohair - 51% wools
Somehow I forgot to take the whole sweater pictures for this one & the next one.

Contestant #8- light green - 65% wools

Contestant #9 - bright turquoise - 55% wools
This one, and the next one, are almost like cheating, because both of them are already lightly felted, so I am pretty sure they will felt further.

Contestant #10- tan with chest stripes - 52% wools

They are in the washing machine right now. What do you think the results will be? Stay tuned for the results in the next few days!


OrloSubito said...

nice sweaters...I will be waiting to know what you will do:-D

Molly said...

I think that everyone blended with angora will felt. That's been my experience. I can hardly wait to see the results. Almost as exciting as a load of sweaters in MY washer!

Shanna said...

What exactly is your felting/fulling process? I have tried washing my wool, even 100% wool sweaters on hot in my washer and even tossing in the dryer and some still come out unfelted. Any thoughts, tips and suggestions you may have would be much appreciated. You probably covered this elsewhere on your blog but I admit, much too lazy to search right now, not enough coffee. ;) Thanks.

Resweater said...

Shanna, Sweaters need 3 things to felt: hot/warm water, agitation, and detergent. If you have used all 3, and they still haven't felted, the sweaters are most likely treated to not felt. Avoid anything that says "machine washable" or "superwash" on the label, as those will be treated. Look for "dry clean clean only" or "hand wash".

Dena and Adrianna said...

I've never had any problem with anything with at least 50% natural fiber (wool, angora, mohair, etc.) content felting/fulling. :)

One trick to check non-labeled content is to cut out a one inch square and leave it in a bowl covered with bleach overnight. If it the fiber square has disappeared the next morning, it's 100% natural. If just a teensy bit is left, it's a wool blend and will still felt/full. If it's all still there, then it's most likely acryclic and will not shrink/full.

Susannah said...

Something tells me contestant # 7 might not felt much, but I could be wrong. I too have had some felting disappointment with superwash wool, some of which was dry clean only.