Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Tutorial Tuesday!

Today's topic is more of a concept than a tutorial. Use felted wool on the bottom of things you want to slide on a hardwood surface! Up until now, we were putting our newspapers in the log rack:

It doesn't look nice. I know there's worse (a lot worse!) looking messes in my house that I could have fixated on, but I felt like I had to move the papers out of there every time we had a fire, or go through them & recycle them when company came over, and I hate moving things around. I like everything to have a place, and if it doesn't, I want to create a place. In the basket under the table was a good place, but the basket would scratch the floor if we slid it.

The solution? I just cut a piece of wool to size, squeezed some wood glue on the wool piece, placed the basket on top of the wool piece, added some heavy books to the basket to weigh it down while drying, and I was done! The bonus was that I got to use a moth hole ridden piece of wool that I had previously not known what to do with.

Now the basket easily slides, and won't scratch the floor! You can do this with anything you want to be easily moveable & scratch free... bottom of planter saucers, under bed containers, etc. I have heard from some of my readers that they use small pieces on the bottom of table & chair legs.


Megan Hood said...

Great idea! I just had the floors redone in my apartment, and the contractor guys were trying to figure out what to put under the water heater to prevent scraping. Too bad you didn't post last week. ;)

Quotidian Life said...

Just last week I hot-glued some felted wool circles to the bottom of some metal chairs that had plastic caps on the legs so that they wouldn't screech on our tile floors. Works great!

Resweater said...

Sorry, Megan... i'll try to be more timely with my tutorials ;).

Melissa, great idea!

Edris said...

Great idea! We buy those little felted circles but didn't think about making mine own. Our home is about 65% hardwood flooring.

Edris said...

Oops - should read "my own".