Thursday, January 7, 2010

easy no sew hand warmers, fingerless gloves

These are so easy to make, and can be customized in a dozen different ways. First you felt your sweater (must be felted or your cut edges will unravel), then you cut the length you want, and cut a slit where you want your thumb to be. Voila!... Your done. The best, in my opinion, are sweaters with a row of buttons on the cuff.... you don't even have to cut a slit for your thumb & they are adjustable! I also like the finished look of it. I decided to make mine 2 tone, and sewed another cuff on to mine, but that's not necessary. Yes, I am aware that the seam is out on one, and the seam is in on the other... I haven't decided which one I like better yet :) I may embellish them with a flower, or a couple of well placed vintage buttons, but they are keeping my hands warm at the moment without all that ;)

Adjustable button hand warmers....
One button down:

Two buttons down:


softearthart said...

Hi, How cool is this, so easy, and great using a sweater, cheers Marie

Jones Morris said...
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