Saturday, January 9, 2010

How do you defuzz?

You know the fuzz balls that accumulate on all sweaters? Pills, fuzz, fuzzies. Whatever you call them, they need to be removed from time to time. I started out with one of those battery operated fuzz eaters that I bought at a garage sale, that soon died. I replaced it with another brand, but similar, battery operated fuzz eater and that fell apart on me. I hate disposable electronics! I remembered the pill remover my mom had when I was little... a thing with a handle & a red square at the end. On the square was what looked like velcro, but bigger.... velcro on steroids. It worked great, from what I can remember. I set out to find it online, and never did, but I did find this on

"Rather than using a pill remover with a razor, which could damage delicate fibers, try a fine-tooth comb to catch pills and leave sweaters intact. Lay the sweater on a table, move the comb flush against the sweater, being careful not to hook the sweater itself, and gently lift the pills away."

I looked down at the pilly sweater I was wearing after reading that, and promptly went to find a comb. By golly, it really works! Not nearly as fast as a fuzz eater, but very effective.

My next find was this:

These got 5 star ratings on several websites with glowing reviews, so I decided that this was what I needed.... inexpensive, manual, and simple. I could not find one that charged less than $6 for shipping for one, and ended up buying a dozen with the shipping being under $4. Go figure! Anyhow, I may be selling some in my shop if they end up working well.

So... how do you get rid of your fuzzies?


Anonymous said...

I use that last simple tool to defuzz my sweaters (to wear and the ones I use to make things). It was cheap, it's easy and it works without the chance of snagging delicate wools. Love it! Great post :)

Deb said...

I've tried many things, but I have to go with the Defuzz.

Anonymous said...

I have an Oreck fabric shaver that
I just love! It is more powerful
than most and plugs in, so no batteries.

Michelle said...

I use a sweater stone. I love it! It looks like a black pumice stone and has a cardboard label where your hand goes. You wipe it across your sweater like the other types, only this will eventually breakdown into pretty much nothing and then you recycle the label. It's all natural and works great!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

I must confess I use the battery operated defuzzer. I do go through a lot of batteries ;-( I felt so many sweaters, I need something fast and that seems to work for me.

Kate said...

I use the sweater stone too! I think it's great. Between the stone grit and copious sweater fuzz, though, I like to use it outside. :)

Mrs. Henry said...

can't wait for the review on the d'fuzzit! i love the retro packaging too. now i am extremely intrigued by the sweater stone and have spent the last 20 minutes reading reviews on amazon. needless to say...great post!

Unknown said...

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