Monday, February 1, 2010

More socks!

I don't have a proper post for today, so i'll just show you what I made this weekend... more socks! They are...

cashmere (So soft & warm!)...

More cashmere, though I tried a color combo that wasn't so hot, that screams 80's clown, so i'll wear these with long pants, lol...

Some soft lambswool (thicker, but great for wearing in snow boots)...

and merino. These work best for everyday socks.

I was also working on something else this weekend, but i'm not going to tell! You'll have to wait for tomorrow, Tutorial Tuesday :)


Deb said...

I am lovin' the socks! Can you feel the seams when you wear them??

Resweater said...

I am really sensitive to stuff like that, so I thought i'd have to wear them inside out, but I really don't feel the seams at all!

Colleen said...

You have so many great ideas! I really need to try out this sock pattern. I too am very sensitive to sock seams and pay a lot of money for socks that are Left/Right specific. The ones that I have are wearing a little thin and some are nearing the end of there life, so this may be a great answer to my sock dilemma.

NeedlesAndKims said...

Very innovative pattern--you are so creative! Making socks is a wonderful way of using the smaller pieces from big projects. Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

Tina said...

I may have to try out making socks now that I have all my "new" sweaters!

I love them all, the colors are cool. One even fit my daughter perfectly after it was felted! She plans to wear it tomorrow :)

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