Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off Topic Thursday - Valentines for kids!

I found this super cute idea on a great blog i've been following, 24-7-365. This was so easy to do & looks so cute! If you don't have a photo program that adds text, you can do it on Photobucket for free, and you can even order your prints for pickup from CVS or Target through them (what I did because I waited until the last minute). I just cut little slits above & below his fist & slid the lollipops in! I used Yummy Earth organic lollipops because they taste awesome, are organic (no corn syrup, no dyes), and are pretty much allergen free (there are allergies at my son's school). So even with my son's head looking alien-ish, the weird yellow/green tint, and Jack's tousled hair, they turned out pretty good!

p.s. Sorry to those I told I would be blogging about cashmere longies today. I will blog about them tomorrow. Promise!