Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - super easy slippers!

You know those sweaters that felted just a bit more than what you wanted for your project? This is the perfect project for them! I got this tutorial from the Martha Stewart website, and it's a good thing! These are super easy, and take a short time to make. Here's the original tutorial, with my slippers below it:

Felt Slippers
" Homemade slippers of thick wool felt make a heartwarming (and foot-warming) gift. Felt is the ideal fabric to work with, since it won't unravel when cut.

Felt Slippers How-To
1. Use our templates. Trace onto 1/8-inch-thick wool felt, and cut out (you will need 2 sole pieces and 2 upper pieces per slipper; remember to flip the soles over for the opposite foot). Stack the sole pieces.

2. Place the upper pieces together, then sew the heel and the instep with a straight stitch, 3/16 inch from edge. Open, and pin to the sole pieces, first at the heel and toe, then along the sides. Sew all the way around, through all layers, 3/16 inch from the edge.

3. Add a decorative stitch with embroidery floss, like the X pictured on the big red slipper opposite. To add custom fabric name tags, print them on iron-on tape using a label maker, and apply to top layer of sole before sewing slipper."

I made 2 pairs. I would have made many more, but I ran out of thread in colors that match what I have, so I have to get more thread today before we are snowed in. I made one pair for myself, and added cuffs (I can't seem to just make anything without tweaking it!). They were just the cuffs of the sweater that I just sewed on. It only adds 5 minutes to the slippers. For those slippers I used a thick felted blend I had on hand. It is 60% wool/40% nylon. People are always asking me, "Does it have to be 100% wool to felt?". As you can see, the answer is "nope!".

These I made for a friend who is getting over pneumonia (oh my gosh, I spelled it right on the first try!). She says she is feeling much better. I'm pretty sure it's because of my slippers ;). Anyway, I made them without tweaking them, but I modeled them in the picture inside out to show that you that you can wear them seams in too (unless they are really really felted) for a more "finished" look, if you prefer. I like them seams out.

FYI: I was not able to print the patterns from the MS website, and heard others had the same problem, so I just held a piece of paper up to my computer screen and traced it.


Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Love them...will be making some of my own...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

love love love these! ive made a couple pairs similar for kidsbabies... never thought to make a pair for me! hmmm.:)

Anonymous said...

love the slippers,(been looking for a good slipper tute!) love the blog/site...saving...thanks for posting!

Lora said...

I like these, but when I made them mine were too big. I think I must not have followed directions for size correctly. So... The advice from the Domestic Disaster is to remember that felt stretches!

Resweater said...

Hi Lora, I think mine came out pretty true to size, but you can always felt them a bit more if they are too big. I am going to blog a little more about these slippers tomorrow, showing a couple of variations, including a pair that I felted more after I made them.
Kris :)

Sewing-Chick said...

Awesome! I love bunnies, and so over the past couple years I've gotten three, count them three, pairs of bunny slippers from various people. Until those wear out, I won't be making any slippers for myself :)

As for tracing the pattern off your computer screen- I love doing that! I do that with letters too when doing an applique or something. I can make the letter as big or small as I want it, and I can download cool fonts!

Resweater said...

Great minds think alike, Sewing Chick! That's how I got the idea to trace the pattern. I trace letters, & little things to applique, from my computer screen all the time.

sallymandy said...

These are so cute, and I love an easy project. Thanks.

Dena and Adrianna said...

To make an extra special pair of these slippers, use felted cashmere for the uppers. They are machine washable then and are so soft. My daughter (college age) and I made a pair for her and she won't take them off.

A friend gave me a different pattern, which includes the cuff, but has a solid toe piece. When I get over this flu, I'll try to copy the template and email it to you.

Resweater said...

Dena, sorry to hear you have a flu :(. I would love to see the pattern when you feel well.

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