Monday, February 22, 2010

recycled wool longies & soakers (diaper covers)

Since I plan to sell at some local shows this summer, I figured it would be a good idea to have a variety of finished products to sell, so i've been making some diaper covers the last few days. They are especially fun to make in the smaller sizes! I experimented with a few different styles and variations, but I keep coming back to Katrina's free soaker pattern (thanks Katrina! You rock!). I am really happy with how a lot of these came out! Many of them are made from merino, which is super soft, but also thin, so I made them 2 merino layers thick, or a layer of merino & a layer of lambswool.

I tried my hand at some appliques (I swear I made the star for these shorties before I saw Banbutsu's shop!)... front & back...

some basic soakers (the little tan one is double layer cashmere)...

some little longies with hearts appliqued on, and some yoga pant style ones...

... and some more longies. These I really love because they are SO soft (I can't even describe how soft they are) and stretchy, and I love the way the cuffs came out. The cuffs are made out of a v-neck from another sweater (I love it when piecing things together works!).

If you cloth diaper & use wool covers, can I ask you some questions? I'm trying to get a handle on what I should be focusing on more, and would really appreciate the feedback. If you were in the market for some recycled wool diaper covers and came across my booth at a fair, would you be more likely to...

.... buy longies or a soaker (keeping in mind that all of the fairs will be held in mid to late summer)?
.... buy soaker style longies, like the soakers in this post, but with legs, or longies like the ones I made in this post?
.... buy soakers/longies with a single layer for trimness, or double layer for extra protection & night use (keeping in mind that the double layer will cost slightly more... probably $2 more for extra material & time)?
.... buy soakers/longies with cute appliques and fun colors, or plainer, but less expensive ones?
.... buy soakers/longies with a double layer short waistband, or a single layer fold over long waistband?

I really appreciate any & all feedback on this!

ETA: I made a few more! All of these are double layer cashmere, except the black/gray striped one.


Unknown said...

When I sold the longies for $20 in the summer, I sold a few pair, but not an overwhelming amount.
I sold a few more when they were an outfit, combined with a little appliqued jumper or a piece sweater. That said, I don't see heading myself that direction b/c of overwhelming sales.
Wish I had better encouragement to offer, but I can tell you that plenty of variety of things for all kinds of people, and $20 and under items seem to be the best strategy for shows.

Unknown said...

good news! my box of fabulous sweaters arrived! thank you so much! they are felting in the washer right now...

and I forgot to tell you that I love the dots on the diaper cover, so cute!

Mommy to 2 handsome boys said...

Hi Kris!
The appliques are too cute! If I were buying I would purchase at least one pair of longies, and a few soakers too. I prefer the longies made from the sleeves only, and I might splurge on one with appliques. I would buy one soaker with a double layer for night, and maybe one or two regular merino for the day time. I do prefer the waistband that folds down, that way you can be sure to cover the diaper. Good luck!

Melissa said...

I would be interested in both longies & soakers, but the price would be a factor, obviously. Because I've been "shopping", I know what they can cost, so $20 or under would be a definite BUY for me, especially if I was at a show away from my husband! Good luck! These are adorable.

Sewing-Chick said...

I wish I could leave you some feedback, but I'm a terrible mother who uses disposables :( Please don't make me feel more guilty than I already am!!

But on a brighter note... those circles and the star appliques are the cutest thing I've seen all day!

Resweater said...

Victoria, Mommy to 2, & Sassy,
Thanks for the great feedback! My soakers will definitely fall below $20... even the cashmere!

Sewing Chick, I could never judge! I used disposables on my son until he was potty training. If I had another baby, I would cloth diaper from the start, but at the time my son was a baby I thought that cloth diapering was too hard & complicated (it wasn't!).

Alissa said...

the ones with the appliqued circles on them are killing me with their cuteness!

daphne16 said...

What size are the purple teal soaker in the bottom pic? I love it.
daphne g 16 at hot mail dot com

The Sewing Dork said...

You are a sewing machine! These are all great covers! I sell both kinds in my Etsy shop and people buy both year-round which kind of surprised me. Keep them coming! I am digging your new banner too!

Kim said...

I love the soakers and longies! The appliqued one is sooo cute. I need to make new ones up for my little ones.
I prefer longies made from the sleeves or the body. I'm not real big on the soaker with legs look. I would buy either in the summer. But then I tend to buy a season a head.

saralynn said...

would you sell some not at a show =P

i think there adorable expecialy the star one and the heart legings

Resweater said...

Saralynn, Sorry for the delay in response. Would you email me? It's krisnstevep at netzero dot com.

WonderMommy said...

Wow. I would happily fork over $20 for a number of your soakers - the one with the dots is crazy cute, but there were a handful of other ones I'm drooling over, too. Do you ever sell online or only at shows?

Trust me, as a busy, working, single mother of four who does. not. need. one. more. chore. cloth diapering is not only workable, but incredibly easy, and amazingly FUN! I even have my daycare on-board! Just recently I converted a friend who initially thought it was the worst and craziest idea she'd ever heard of, over to strictly cloth diapering her daughter. There's a cloth diaper system for everyone anymore!! I prefer bamboo fitteds with breathable covers (wool, fleece).

Personally I love cute, gender-neutral soakers and loose flare yoga-style longies.

No interest in buying shorties or the snug leggings-style longies.

Just my $.02

Connie said...

Hi -- I tend to "shop around" more online for best prices, etc, but at a craft show (impulse buy), I'd pay 18-22 for plain upcycled sweater longies (factors being fit, applique/plain, serged/sewn, stripes matching, etc) I WOULD pay more up to 28-30 for an outfit of quality longies + appliqued shirt as I prefer my son to be in coordinating top & bottoms. Shorties don't interest me, nor the tight ankle/slim look. I LOVE the yoga/flare look for girls, or the straight style for boys like I made here:

Steffany J. said...


I'm brand-new at cloth diapering, and hunting for a wool soaker, someone to make them, since I can't sew :(. I've never used one, but the reviews all are so positive, we neeeeeed to try one or two or three lol. These are all so very cute! Do you offer your services to moms with sweaters to convert?

Resweater said...

Hi Steffany,
I would love to help you, but I am incredibly busy at the moment, and I don't sell my soakers online. If you search for "diaper covers" through the search box on my blog, you will find a whole bunch of fantastic makers of diaper covers with their links. I am sure many of them would be happy to help you convert your sweaters to soakers.
Thanks for reading my blog!
Kris :)

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