Thursday, February 4, 2010

Off Topic Thursday - Thrift store finds

One of the great perks of my job, being in a thrift store at least once a week, is finding cool things for my family while I am there. Not only do I find the funky and fabulous, but things I need. If I walked into a thrift store, I would not be able to buy a wardrobe for my son, but since I am there weekly, I am always picking up a piece here & there. He already has at least 5 pair pair of Gap jeans (fits the skinny guy best) in the next size up waiting for him, along with shirts & jammies. I'm picky, but I can be, since I am always buying in advance. Sometimes, if it's a rock bottom price & has a bad stain i'll roll the dice & see if I can get it out. I almost always do get them out. Pssst... wanna know my stain secret? Fels Naptha. I just wet the stain and rub the bar on it, work it into the material where the stain is a little, and throw it in the wash. I have been told that this isn't the most earth friendly soap, but one bar lasts me for years, so I am not worried about it. I only use it to get stains out of thrift store finds, so that in itself is earth friendly... keeping clothes in use. I just bought a Hanna Andersson sweater this past weekend. It was only 33 cents because it had a huge oil stain on the front. I used my trusty Fels Naptha & it looks like new now.

Here are some of my finds from this winter....

A pair of organic cotton Hanna Andersson pjs that were 80 cents because of some huge stains. What stains, you ask? Exactly (thanks, Fels Naptha!)! Also a pair of Tony Hawk jeans that I got for 33 cents because of a small hole in one knee, that I patched with a small piece of brown striped merino. I think when it gets fringy around the patch, after a couple of washings, it will look really cute. They will be great for playing in the park in the spring.

My son's favorite dogs are pugs and Boston Terriers, so when I saw this throw pillow I had to buy it for him. It looks cute on our couch :)

My colander, now accent lamp.

I have been wanting a little shallow tote bag to carry my coupon organizer in, and found the perfect one for 80 cents.

These are just a small example of all the many thrifted goodies i've brought home with me on my sweatering adventures. Most of our clothes come from thrift stores & garage sales. Tell me about your thrifted treasures!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi kris!
oh my gosh! your found so many treasures! i love thrift stores!
i am going to go and check out that soap!
what a fun post!
have a super day!
:) melissa

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I think your favorite find of mine is a super cool orange patent leather purse!!!

Anna said...

I tried finding a new bar of Fels Naptha a few mos ago and COULDNT! I did find it on the internet but just didnt want to take the time to order soap. Maybe I will......
Thanks for the reminder.
Two of my favorite paintings were only $5 each. oils with big gold painted frames,,,,

Resweater said...

I found my Fels Naptha at Ace Hardware. You could give your local Ace a call & see if they might have it.

Marla said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who blogs about how great thrift stores are! I was a manager at a local nfp thrift store before we moved for my husband to go to school. There is no better way to shop! I might have to drag all the kids today!

Dusty said...

OMGoodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog pillow! Which store did you find that in? Thanks again for the bread and all the other treats you brought me the other day :) Great soap tip, I will have to get some of are such a wealth of information! I can't think of my fav thrift store find as my whole house is thrift probably has to be some of my original oil paintings I scored years ago.

Nicole said...

I love how you patched the knee hole on the jeans! My 5 year old puts holes in all her pants so I've been looking for a fun way to patch them. :)
I posted about one of my thrifting adventures too.

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