Saturday, April 17, 2010

City wide garage sale finds

This weekend was our city wide garage sales! Well, technically it's not our city, but it starts at the end of our block. Sorry I skipped Feature Friday this week, but I was so busy with the sales.

I was a little worried that my son wouldn't last 2 days of garage saling, but he did great and almost had as much fun as me. Toward the end he just wanted to go home & play with all his new stuff, and so did I ;) . I will save the sweaters for Sweater Sunday tomorrow, but here's a few things I was thrilled about...

My son's been into Star Wars lately and I found what looks like everything Micro Machines ever made Star Wars in the early 1990's, new in their boxes! Here's an example, but there's 2 big boxes full!

I also found this unopened Playmobil advent calendar...

I couldn't believe that I found this cheerful sturdy little handmade felted bag for only $1! It is the perfect bag for carrying our water bottles, and will keep them cold longer, because wool is insulated.

Jack's favorite thing ended up being these Legos. He has played with them every second we've been home the past 2 days. It surprised me, since he never played with the bigger Duplo or Mega Blocks. I guess he was just waiting for the good stuff ;)

I was keeping my eye out for some cheap beaded necklaces to repurpose into coasters, like the ones in the tutorial Lavendar Tree shared with us, and I really hit the jackpot at one garage sale! They are the perfect sized beads, and this represents the amount of beads in 38 necklaces... score! This is the perfect project to take with next week when I go to my first "Do it in public". It's a group of ladies from the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Festival (one of the shows I will be doing in July), that gather together to do fiber related projects in coffee shops, etc. I'm really looking forward to it!

I even scored some great stuff for Spots... a dog bed, a dog carrier (for when we go on vacation, and have to leave her alone in the cabin), and this awesome vintage Pyrex dish that I couldn't pass up. I don't need any more Pyrex in the kitchen, but it makes an adorable dog dish, eh?

Well, I got lots of other treasures, but I think i've rambled on enough. I hope you have all done well in your saling! Tell me about all the treasures you have found lately! See you tomorrow for Sweater Sunday!