Thursday, April 8, 2010

Off Topic Thursday - Help!

I need your help, readers, for this way off topic dilemma! My son has a new love... Star Wars. I found someone selling a lot of Star Wars toys, and bought them yesterday, but it never occurred to ask if they smoked. The toys all smell like smoke. I have tried spraying them with vinegar, and that helped slightly, but is there anything that will get rid of the smoke smell?

Help me you will?


Anonymous said...

I read something last week that said you should put the items in a plastic tote with basic kitty litter on the bottom for a couple days and it should remove the smell. I have never tried it - but it's worth a try!

shannon said...

i've heard close to the same as the other comment...

place them in a sealed bag with a bar of ivory soap...has to ivory tho...

good luck, let us know what you did that worked!


Crunchy Sews said...

I was going to say the sealed plastic bag with baking soda, but I think the plain kitty litter is probably a better idea.

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I have kitty litter if you want some ... so you don't have to go buy it!

Shinny said...

I would suggest, if you can totally soak them, the white vinegar soak and then put them in the sun to dry, if you have sun where you are today, we unfortunately do not have sun. :(

The kitty litter or baking soda or even just putting them outside for a day might help too. Good luck.

Resweater said...

Ok, here's what i've done so far:

- I have a few figures in a baggie of baking soda (read that online somewhere) that I will leave for a few days

- I tried just vinegar. Didn't work. At all.

- tried Anti Icky Poo (an odor neutralizer that is mostly used for pet stains) and it works, though I hate the perfume smell. I ordered the unscented version & will report back when I get it/try it.

- Nata-Leigh, I will take you up on your kitty litter offer (I don't imagine I need more than a 1/2 cup or so), so I will report back with that as well.

- I have put a couple of figures in a baggie with a bar of Ivory soap.

- I want to try the other methods before trying a day in the sun, but will try it if the other methods fail. I don't want them to get faded.

I will report back next Thursday with my findings! Thanks, everyone!

Lisa said...

I bought something that smelled horribly like smoke (also forgot to ask). I just aired my outside for a few days and the smell was gone.

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

This would make for a great science experiment. If you need a test-smeller ... I'll volunteer!

Dusty said...

I would go with good old fashioned sun..try one to make sure it won't fade :)

Anonymous said...

try sticking it in a bag of coffee beans or fresh unused ground coffee.. I think the ground coffee works better.

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