Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!! ... and no Sweater Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!!!! There will be no Sweater Sunday today, but i'll be listing sweaters in my shop later this week from Sweater Sundays past.

Our natural eggs didn't turn out as colorful as I planned, but I managed to use things that were going bad for my dyestuff, other than the blueberries. Jack was happy with them, so I am too!

I didn't go sweatering today, but I did manage to find a stray garage sale on Friday, and bought this great old sewing book. It has a lot of great simple patterns that will make great appliques!

I also bought a fun vintage tapestry purse, but it has a horrible white vinyl handle, so I have to come up with something else for it.

I took some sewing time for myself this weekend, and among other things I sewed, I am perfecting a tutorial for dog sweaters. I know it's way early for dog sweater season, but it popped in my head & I had to make it on the spot.... for Spots. Look for that one in the next week or 2!