Saturday, February 20, 2010

The saga of the recycled wool purse

So... I bought this purse a few weeks back with badly stained fabric, but really great handles. I figured I would just whip up a new purse with wool, and have a super cute new purse in minutes.

My first mistake is that I got cocky & decided I was going to make a lining for it out of a piece of very non-stretchy cotton I had. I forget how forgiving wool is, but how unforgiving fabric can be, and messed that one up! Nope, not showing it to you. I accidentally (on purpose) forgot to take a picture of it ;)

Next I decided to make it reversible, and just do 2 layers of wool using the original purse as the pattern. That turned out great... until the purse handles broke. Wahhhhhhh! I think I may sand down the rough edges & figure out a way to still use them later.

Finally, I came across this purse this week,

... with stained horrible fabric, but lovely handles, and voila... I FINALLY have a purse! Had I known, I think I would have just left the original purse on the shelf ;)


Janet Metzger, Artist said...

It was a long road...but you finally got there ;-) Great job!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi kris!
i love how your new purse turned out! the round handles are perfect!

Marla said...

I've learned my lesson the hard way, too, using wool and a non- stretchy fabric together! Now we know and never have to make that mistake again! The new purses look great! I've used round handles like that for other projects as well.

Sewing-Chick said...

Oh that sucks that those first purse handles broke! But it all worked out in the end-- it looks great :)

I have three or four thrifted purse handles sitting in a to-do basket in my basement. One pair is blue and really cool looking. One of these days I'll get around to it!

Unknown said...

You were right to choose the wood handle purse, it's so cool! I had one like it when I was about 8. Wish I had kept it.
Either way, it looks great now!

Unknown said...

super cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris,

I think it was worth the long way...-your purse looks great and way better with round handles and the fabric you chose than any other combination did...Do you know the story of the green (or was it another colour?) bike bell and the bike....-reminds me of that!

agent99 said...

well that was lemonaid out of lemons - nice save!
I love your blog!

Rose said...

I have been wanting to make myself a purse out of the leftover fabric from my diaper bag. Using handles from another purse is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

NeedlesAndKims said...

Very innovative, Kris! Great result too.

Anonymous said...

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