Monday, November 2, 2009

Cozy pet bed tutorial

I have recently joined a Yahoo group, Art Felt (you can too!). I haven't been there long, but everyone has been very friendly, and they have such a great gallery of their work. In fact, this tutorial was in there, and Raven was generous enough to share it with all of you! I copy/pasted directly.

"Starting with a wool sweater...
Actually you need two... one for the tube that forms the body of the bed and another to cut a circle from for the bottom

Parts sewn together
Slightly pre-full the sweaters, just enough to keep from raveling. Cut sweater one to create the longest tube possible. From sweater two, cut the largest circle you can work into the sweater back. Using wool yarn, securely stitch the tube edge to the circular bottom, easing or stretching to fit evenly. Complete fulling process until fabric is as thick, dense and firm as you can get it.

After fulling down completely into a sturdy fabric, bed is blocked on a steel soup pot. The sides are twice as long as the pot is tall so the tube is folded down once for blocking. The edge with the red trim is actually the top edge.

Bed with top fully extended
After dry, here's the bed with the top all the way open. Fully extended it would be great for a pet who loves to tunnel in a bag to snuggle.

Bed folded down one turn
For a high nest, body is turned down once at halfway point

double fold for rigid sides
Fold the top down to thirds for lower, more rigid sides.

Goblin enjoying the new nest

Leo taking a turn"


It's just Raven said...

Thanks for sharing the pet bed! I had originally written a full tutorial that was heading into a newsletter but I never quite got it together all in one place... LOL! I think it's pretty self explanatory tho. Thanks SO much for the link to the group, we already have a couple new members and hope a few more drop in!

Victoria Velting said...

Max and Lucky can't wait for me to make them one!