Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knitting gauge

A customer of mine gave me a great tip (Thanks Melissa!). She said that it would be helpful to use a knitting gauge for the froggable sweaters, so the yarn reclaimers would have a better idea of what they were getting. I went into my local yarn shop to see if they had them, and not only did I find one, but found some wonderful customer service and a fun store. If you are ever in Geneva and need yarn or knitting supplies, I highly recommend checking out Wool & Company. Now when I list a froggable sweater, like this lovely example from Iceland, I can take pictures of the knit gauge against the sweater! What do you think froggers?


Anna said...

What a great idea!

Resweater said...

Whew! I was hoping someone would give me some feedback on this. Thanks!
Kris :)

Unknown said...

I love it!! :) This makes it so much easier to know what you can knit from all those yummy, neglected sweaters!