Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fat Tabby Woolens

Last night we went to see Santa turn on the Christmas tree lights on the big tree at a local shopping center, outdoors, and it was the first time it was cold enough that I needed to wear hat/gloves/scarf. I forgot how cozy a cashmere scarf can be! Speaking of yummy cashmere scarves... I found a shop that has lots of them! At Etsy shop Fat Tabby Woolens you will find not only cashmere scarves, but beautiful cozy wool blankets, a fish named Elizabeth, and a even a novelty blanket... you'll have to go check that one out for yourself ;) I see some great Christmas presents in her shop!

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Kate said...

Thanks for the feature! I'm honored to be included among all the talented woolen artists on here.

FYI, if you folks head over to my shop, the "novelty blanket" is easy to overlook...look for the only blanket in the "blankets" section not featured in the post! :)